Colourfull kinetic façade-artwork

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Colourfull kinetic façade-artwork in public space
There was a Grand Opening 29th of August 2013
co-orperation between Menno Verhoef ( & Erwin Nederhoff

Rotterdam Noord, Soetendaalseweg 31, at the side/open space


Met dank aan:
Top van Noord/Sonor/Daadkracht/Deelgemeente Noord/Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht/DKC/van Speijk/Woonstad en het Klooster, Oude Noorden, Daan Botlek & Nishichan



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IKE-Animisme druprek front web

“Druiprekje”-Draining Board, partial enlargement
material: wood (Picea)
paint: pitch
size: 90×70 cm
August 2012

PURBomb for rent, parties & events

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Atoombomb cocktails webPURschuimatoombomb web

Route du Nord, soundpiece: Zwitserland

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On the top of this mountain you can listen to my soundpiece called “Zwitserland”.
Especially made for this project.
Route du Nord 2011, The Mountain by Maurice Meewisse

Do impositions @ church artmarket

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Do impositions @ church artmarket, August 2012, written by the public

“De lucht is blauw” / “The sky is blue”

Revolt (1, part of 3)

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acryl,1m x1,2m

The Woods

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The Woods in former times

by Bjorns Father